Capacitance sensors based on fixed and variable-area silicon membranes are useful for multi-range pressure and acoustic sensing applications.

Our inductively-coupled plasma deep reactive
ion etcher is being used to fabricate
biomedical devices for testing and research.

Custom microfabrication of medical implants,
lab-on-a-chip platforms, biohazard test devices,
and medical test and drug delivery systems.

Silicon v-grooves and micro-optical benches are used for precise alignment of fiber-optic telecommunications and laser-based systems for many applications.

Application-specific membranes and arrays are built
on silicon membrane platforms for microfiltration, calibration grids, and sensing arrays.

We work with customers through purchase orders
and R&D/engineering contracts. We handle micro-fabrication jobs of varying sizes and scopes, from R&D, to small-lot prototypes, to volume manufacturing
  Custom Microfabrication

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Fabrication Facility                      

  • Total facility size 4,200 square feet              
  • Clean rooms 1,000 square feet             
  • Capacity           
    • R&D and prototype lots       
    • OEM production  
    • 200-400 wafers per month   

Clean Room Fabrication Processes                  

  • Photolithography        
    • Substrate sizes up to 6"      
    • Photomask and shadowmask layout      
    • Positive and negative resists       
    • Lift-off      
    • Front-to-back alignment      
  • DRIE for deep silicon etch            
    • STS inductively coupled plasma (DRIE)  
  • Thin Film coatings              
    • LPCVD and PECVD dielectrics
    • TiNi thin film shape memory 
    • Sputtered and evaporated metals 
    • Thermal oxide    
  • Other processes         
    • Reactive ion etch    
    • Barrel etch
    • Wet chemical clean    
    • Hard masks and etch stops  
    • Wafer bonding -- anodic, silicon, glass  
    • Dicing and trenching   
  • Special processes               
    • Membrane fabrication  
    • Bulk micromachining of silicon and glass by
      wet etch       
  • Measurements and QA        

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